Mother’s Day


To: Young People: 

From: A Dad

Subject: Some suggested Do’s and Don’ts for Mother’s Day

Lets get this right from the start! Dispense with any notion that your Mum wants you to bring her breakfast in bed. There are Health & Safety and Quality Control issues which must be understood. Undercooked egg with salmonella seeping onto un-buttered toast and a cup of cold tea is a RUBBISH start to the day for any mum. She will know that you “mean well” – but just don’t do it. If you feel you simply HAVE to, then at least wait until the clock goes well past 9 before delivering it upstairs.
Plastic mugs with the slogan “World’s Best Mum” are not good presents. They just aren’t! (take my word for it!).
By and large mums tend not to be overly fond of alcohol-flavoured confectionary; and certainly not at silly o’clock on a Sunday morning.  Ask yourself this…when was the last time you heard your mum say at the breakfast table that she would really like some Tequila flavoured toffee!? And avoid at all costs those gargantuan boxes of un-branded liqueur chocolates with dubious sell-by-dates that you have seen in the local Pound Shop. I know they look good value. They’re not!

Do not assume that because it’s Mother’s Day she necessarily wants to take you to the Zoo for the day. Today of all days she just may not want to. I know that you may find that hard to believe…but trust me!

If it gets to the afternoon (having completely forgotten it’s Mother’s Day) and you find yourself in Dad’s care pulling into a petrol filling station to buy a bunch of orange and purple flowers – choose a box of Maltesers instead. Don’t argue. Trust me on this one too!

Suggest to Mum that you all go to a nice pub for lunch. And NOT one with an in-door play area that serves processed food and smells of feet! No, today, choose one with an outside garden and a river for you to play in, and a nice menu for Mum to choose from.

Make Mum a Mother’s Day card. It’s cheaper than buying one and will mean ten times as much.

For just one day, don’t argue or squabble with your brother/sisters! You CAN do this. Try it today!

Make sure that in the afternoon (yes, it’s Mothers “Day” – this means ALL day, not just half an hour in the morning) your Mum sits down – ask if you can get her a newspaper or a magazine. Ask her if you can get her anything from the shops…basically, look after her!

Bring her a bunch of Daffodils and deliver them with a smile – it may not seem like very much. But you wait and see the reaction!

At bedtime – and you will have got the message by now that you must go up without a fuss tonight, offer your Mum her final present of the day. (You will have got advice from one of Mummy’s friends about this beforehand) But a nice bottle of wine and a favourite DVD for the remainder of her Sunday will make for a perfect end to her day. 



At OnlyDads we know that Mother’s Day can be hard for those families where Mum is not there (for whatever reason). But for those reading this with a lovely Mum at home – look after her. She is the most special person in your life.

About onlydads

Single Dad living near Totnes in Devon. I founded in 2007 and live with my daughters Priya, 14 and Anya 11. I write about single parenting, work, overcoming trials and tribulations and sometimes not overcoming trials and tribulations.
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5 Responses to Mother’s Day

  1. Lakes Mum says:

    great tips! will get my daughter to read 😉

  2. Beki Davies says:

    Great tips, shame my 6 year old is not quite old enough yet! But will store for next year!

  3. and this was written by a Dad?? Wow. I’m impressed 🙂
    Note to self, remember to send L to the shop for a paper (guaranteed p&q for the rest of the day. Sorted! ) 😉


  4. Delivered with a smile … yay, that got me 🙂

  5. This post rocks! And daffodils are totally the best. I am very blessed my ex and his mum make an effort to help our daughter understand what mums really want on Mothers day and we all go out together somewhere nice.
    It’s so important for kids to see that even though their parents may be apart they can still show kindness to each other by helping their kids organise these special days.

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