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qualities in a future son or daughter-in-law

I was recently asked a question on Twitter by the very fabulous Vena…”What qualities would you want in a son-in-law?  It got me thinking! The following list of personal qualities are all desirable. What interested me though is that even … Continue reading

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You’re dumped!

It is perhaps an obvious question when you run an organisation like OnlyDads – after all we deal with enquiries from single parents and those who are going through the often difficult process of divorce and separation. In that way … Continue reading

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Children and Swearing

I trust this won’t apply to many of you with toddlers but for those of us with bigger kids, how do we deal with swearing? I don’t do much swearing in front of the kids. I do come out with … Continue reading

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A Car for OnlyDads

Some of you will remember the nightmare I had with the OnlyDads’ Land Rover. To recap this 5 y/o Land Rover Freelander started to go wrong. In the space of 14 months it suffered from 4 blown head gaskets, had … Continue reading

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Parental Alienation

OnlyDads hears the expression “parental alienation” every single day. Here we have a description from Charlotte Friedman which is nothing less than frightening! ****************************************************************************  A few years ago, whilst I was still a Barrister, I represented a mother in a residence … Continue reading

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Q&A about me

I was tagged by the ever wonderful @coffeecurls on “Questions about me” You can read her answers here and mine can be found below. Oh God…! Which living person do you most admire, and why? I am sure there are too many … Continue reading

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Shit Parenting

Give or take a month or two, I have been single parenting now for 7 years. That’s seven years of holding stuff together. Juggling and dropping and picking up the pieces day after day; but overall just about doing OK. … Continue reading

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Why I’m not a Christian

Ticking the “no religion” box on this year’s Census was done without hesitation. Well I say without hesitation, but it left me pondering how I got to the stage where I don’t believe in any God, don’t pray, do not … Continue reading

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