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Top Recipes for Single Parent households:

Sometimes I get bored with cooking! The never-ending drudgery of providing healthy (ish)food on a budget is draining. The purpose of this post is to collate and store a record of recipes that other single parents have found successful. Something we can … Continue reading

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Proudest Dad in the World

Anya literally skipped off to school yesterday morning. Sports Day in her Primary School is just that…a whole day of sport 🙂 and she just loves it! She is the most modest of children, but I knew that she thought she could … Continue reading

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Solicitors – it needn’t be random!

When I wrote about the importance of internet lead generation the wonderful Nicky replied that the whole thing might still be a bit “random”. It got me thinking… OnlyDads and OnlyMums engage with family solicitors (in particular) more than just about anyone I know. … Continue reading

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Hemming, privacy, and children

…just adding my tuppence worth… when I was listening to the radio yesterday afternoon I heard Hemming’s outburst in the House of Commons when he named a footballer, claiming his right to do so under parliamentary privilege. I had three immediate … Continue reading

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Solicitors Marketing…in plain English

One of the many outcomes of running OnlyDads is that I have spoken to hundreds of Solicitors up and down the UK. (we host a legal directory of Resolution family solicitors for our website users). Such conversations often lead on to … Continue reading

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Parenting Collywobbles

I’ve got those just at the minute! Collywobbles – a nervous rumbling in the gut. Readers of this blog and my twitter stream over the last few months will appreciate that as my girls are growing up, I have found myself … Continue reading

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Help for Suicidal Parents

Today OnlyDads received a chilling email and we are asking for your urgent help. In a ntshell, a Mum tragically died just hours after giving birth. While the Dad lives in the UK, the extended family are all living abroad. … Continue reading

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Single Parents and Self-Employment

There are a few reasons behind writing this post. The main one being I hope it can turn into a really valuable resource for single parent entrepreneurs. One of the many joys of running OnlyDads and OnlyMums is that it brings us into contact … Continue reading

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Understanding (or lack of it)

Running a group for Separated Dads was always going to require balls and a degree of diplomatic skill. By and large, the Dads who come to our group have, in one way or another, had a torrid separation/divorce experience and … Continue reading

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OnlyMums and OnlyDads New Dating Service: Competition

OnlyMums and OnlyDads are in the process of creating our brand new dating service which will be available through our websites: Following a lot of fun and some very good ideas on Twitter the other day we have decided to … Continue reading

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