Finding Possible Sponsors for

OnlyDads could really do with your help !!

It would be appreciated so much if you could offer us the benefit of your thoughts and ideas.

OnlyDads is beginning the process of turning itself into a registered charity. We feel this will enable us to fulfill our aims of becoming a really top-notch signposting service and also help us to expand our email/telephone support service. Subject to resource, it will hopefully enable us to run more lone-parent workshops and help us reach those dads and their families who are really struggling with a sense of isolation. There are simply too many in this situation!

We are now beginning the process of looking for possible sponsors for our work. The professional advice is to look for Companies and/or organisations:

  • That want (not just need) publicity or to raise their profile
  • Whose products/services/reputation are compatible with/appropriate for your organisation
  • That have funds available (many companies want to be sponsors and want the publicity but don’t have the budget to assist)

We have been further advised to write this post to get input and feedback on the second of these bullet points.

So, if you can just spend a minute or two considering which company might make a suitable sponsor of OnlyDads and let us know that would be just brilliant and REALLY appreciated.

Many thanks.


About onlydads

Single Dad living near Totnes in Devon. I founded in 2007 and live with my daughters Priya, 14 and Anya 11. I write about single parenting, work, overcoming trials and tribulations and sometimes not overcoming trials and tribulations.
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4 Responses to Finding Possible Sponsors for

  1. I’m not sure if this will help you at all Bob, it might be worth a look:
    For starters 😉

  2. You’re welcome Bob.
    Hopefully serendipity!

  3. claudette devera says:

    hi bob,
    i have read your story at take a break mag.i’m so touch cause i’m a mother of 4 kids and raising them alone.i’m at uae at the moment working to support their needs.i’ll do my very best to find a sponsors for

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