Solicitors Marketing…in plain English

One of the many outcomes of running OnlyDads is that I have spoken to hundreds of Solicitors up and down the UK. (we host a legal directory of Resolution family solicitors for our website users). Such conversations often lead on to a more general chat about marketing.

Many solicitors, in their words “are at something of a loss when it comes to Google ranking”. Many admit to spending thousands of pounds on SEO but they are not entirely sure if they are getting any leads or new clients from their investment in on-line marketing.  

I was chatting over this conundrum with Simon, a friend of OnlyDads who we turn to for strategic Internet advice. You won’t know him – but he’s our American IT mate (ex Commercial Director of and a very useful friend!). He explained to me that the vast majority of professional firms “do not concentrate on achieving placement on Google which produce the highest value leads, which are people who are clearly interested in finding a solicitor and also name the precise location which would suit them.

Simon had the bit between his teeth by this stage and being a man who makes his living from the “Search Industry” he led me to consider an example. He chose “Family Law in Exeter”. For those who don’t know Exeter, like most regional towns, it is full of solicitors firms. The question asked was a simple one “how can the 40 or so firms offering a family law service pick up work from the internet (with 90%+ of searches being done via Google)

He picked one of the most competitive and specific search terms for Family Solicitors: “Divorce Solicitor Exeter”

He went on to explain the search term “Divorce Solicitor Exeter” is a commonly occurring search (looked up about 2000 times year on Google) which firmly suggests that the person searching lives (or works) in Exeter and of course wants to find a divorce solicitor.  It is the sort of search term that is “highly relevant” for generating leads for a family law practice, and has every possibility of resulting in an instruction.

 It will be obvious to all reading this that the front page of Google is where the majority of click-throughs happen. There will be those searching who will click onto one of the sponsored adverts or one of the (rather too many) map links. However that vast majority of people still click on Page One of the “natural” search results.

That means perhaps only half a dozen firms will enjoy the lion’s share of the forthcoming instructions with the firms struggling on pages 2, 3, and 4 picking up less than 2% of the traffic, and fighting for the scraps.

 Having Googled that exact search term we pondered the results. I noticed that even as far down as page 3, there were firms who (knowing many of them) have really good family departments, and are also spending lots of money on consultants and such like to move them up the Google rankings.

Simon decided to show me exactly how easy it would be for any firm of Solicitors to capture clients from this particular market.

To cut to the chase, he set up a brand new website. There was no fuss, no talk of the “dark arts of SEO”, no talk of “months and months of SEO work”. What he did was set up a website based on a community platform which Google already recognized as being authorative in regard to Exeter and local information. Then with some research and his industry knowledge he sourced the best links and content relating to family law.  Once these two elements were combined on the community platform. The site was composed and published in less than 24 hours, and from having the initial idea to getting on the front page of Google took less than 6 weeks from start to finish!

The central message of concentrating on the search terms that generate leads of course applies to all disciplines. “Employment Solicitor Coventry” as an example suggests the man or woman who has just Googled that, lives in Coventry and needs to find an employment solicitor. Appearing on the front page of Google for that precise term will generate click throughs and therefore valuable leads for your firm. What was done with “Divorce Solicitor Exeter” can be applied to any discipline in any town.

If any solicitor would like to know more, they can DM me – @onlydads or email OnlyDads has every reason to believe such a conversation will change the way you view your on-line presence for the better…

About onlydads

Single Dad living near Totnes in Devon. I founded in 2007 and live with my daughters Priya, 14 and Anya 11. I write about single parenting, work, overcoming trials and tribulations and sometimes not overcoming trials and tribulations.
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