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Keith recently tagged me in a post. It was the wrong post though! I really want him to change it to the one about 5 songs!!

That said, I’m not sure about the “songs to live your life by” bit. Rather I have decided to pick 5 pieces of music that mean a lot to me: So, in no particular order:

God be in my Head


I was 14 and Head Chorister at St Mary’s Church in Whitchurch when we had to sing at a funeral of a young girl. The funeral was for the daughter of a Parliamentary Minister and the church was packed. All in all it was always going to be quite a difficult and moving occasion.

Before the service started, our Choirmaster came up to us and asked Lloyd to sing this piece as a solo. Lloyd, a year older than me and with a voice that was on the verge of breaking, and in a very “Welsh” way rose to the challenge.

A still church, a young persons coffin, and literally hundreds of people crying at the sound of my friend’s cracking and haunting version of this beautiful prayer will stay with me till the end of my days.

Alan Hull: I Hate To See You Cry


My all time favorite song: If my girls or my mates get hold of this blog at the time of my death – I’ll be carried into and out of the church to this please! Those reading this who know me will know I don’t object listening to it twice over 🙂

Pie Jesu by Sarah Brightman


For no other reason than it one of the most beautiful pieces of music and Sarah B’s voice is just pure and fits this music perfectly!

New Order: Temptation


The song takes me back to happy days at King’s in London (mid 80s). It remains in my life to this day as, what’s the word, an “anthem”.

If I were to get married again, this would be the last song played at the post-wedding party, before we jetted off to Barry Island for the honeymoon.  We would all dance and play-box and jump and chant to the verses at the top of our voices. I would have been up and down and turned around. It would be a song worth singing!

The Smiths: Cemetery Gates


To say The Smiths HAD to be in my list is an understatement. #endof

So tempted to tag people – you know who you are! But I won’t. But do feel feel to do your own – it’s been a hard and lovely post to sort out. Bob x


About onlydads

Single Dad living near Totnes in Devon. I founded in 2007 and live with my daughters Priya, 14 and Anya 11. I write about single parenting, work, overcoming trials and tribulations and sometimes not overcoming trials and tribulations.
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7 Responses to Bob’s Music

  1. eviesgran says:

    Quite emotional listening to someone elses music choices. Enjoyed it though.

    • onlydads says:

      thank you for listening!!

      It is such a personal thing – just 5 choices – i could have filled it with a thousand …

      …have a go – would love to read and listen 🙂


  2. Catharine says:

    Ooooh lets have a think…please can I have 6 songs that mean a lot to me? Thank you 🙂

    Sinead O’connor – Nothing Compares to you

    Everything But The girl – I don’t want to talk about it

    The Mission – Butterfly on a Wheel

    The Korgis – Everyone’s Got to learn sometime

    Eva Cassidy – Fields of Gold

    The Clash – Should I stay or should I go

  3. Catharine says:

    Just reread your choices – haven’t heard ‘God be in my Head’ for years, used to sing it at primary school 🙂
    It’s really quite emotional making these choices – some we remember because of the happy times, others because of the sad.

    Forgot to post my reasons.

    Sinead O’Connor – memories of college in the refectory with friends

    Everything but the Girl – on first date with someone I had had a crush on for ages, this was playing in Woolworths as we walked in holding hands 😀

    The Mission – reminds me of school, growing up and not knowing what to do with my future :/

    The Korgis – used to play on the ski lift, reminds me of my first job abroad

    Eva Cassidy – played it a lot around the time of my cousins death, would cry to it driving back from the school run after dropping the children off 😦

    The Clash – would be the last song played at the end of the evening in a club in France where I had my 21st birthday

  4. Nikki says:

    Fab music choices – after i listened to Pie Jesu i couldn’t get that song out of my head, love the harmonised bits, funny how some pieces of music just stick in your head after you have listened to them.
    My 5 in no particular order are :-
    ‘Barcelona’ by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe – always make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, such a powerful performance by two amazing singers.
    ‘Come on Eileen’ by Dexy’s Midnight Runners – fab memories of the early 80’s, if i were to get married again this would be the last song at the party – with air violins and general boogie madness!
    ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams – fab memories singing this with drunken Mum’s at 1:00/2:00am in the pub following PTFA meetings!
    The 1st movement to Elgar’s Cello Concerto featuring Jacquline de Pre – this was one of the pieces of music i studied for my music ‘O’ Level – never forgot it.
    Lastly but not least ‘A Special Place’ by Goff Richards, written for brass band to help raise funds for the South West Children’s Hospice – i was so choked up the first time i heard this.

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