Dating Events

When we launched our new on-line dating site, OnlyDating we started to think of ways of supporting this initiative with more “on the ground” type events.

Now @onlymums and I have been in discussions about what sort of event might best work for single parents looking to get back onto the dating scene.

We are sure speed dating events have their place – but they are already being done, and we don’t think they are quite right for OnlyDating. Rebecca’s final comment that “we ought to organise events where men feel they might like to shower before turning up”!! left the door wide open to ideas…

…my mind (very vague) turns towards organising “social events in nice hotels”…the sort of thing where mums and dads can turn up, have a glass of wine, eat some nice buffet food, and mingle. I say that, because I do know from running OnlyDads that we have to leave room for the many mums and dads who just want to socialise and bridge feelings of isolation, rather than go full belt into a new relationship. The idea of a simple social event like this might work in all sorts of ways??

I would be really interested to hear your ideas. Have you been to anything similar. Did it work? What sort of event would you go to?




About onlydads

Single Dad living near Totnes in Devon. I founded in 2007 and live with my daughters Priya, 14 and Anya 11. I write about single parenting, work, overcoming trials and tribulations and sometimes not overcoming trials and tribulations.
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12 Responses to Dating Events

  1. Sounds good. Could there be a sort of Parking Area for children too? Like they have in IKEA…. It would mean that lots more people could come along for half an hour and have a little look around and then decide if they would like to come to an event in a more substantial way another time. I’d drive further for one of those than a simple “Canapés and Fizz” event…..

    • onlydads says:

      …with kids or without kids. Now that is a question we need to get right from the start!

      My initial thoughts were “no kids” – but that involves baby sitters and more expense. Which will deter many from coming.

      All food for thought!

      Many thanks

      Bob x

  2. Shan says:

    I went to a very poorly organised speed dating event in Llandudno when I lived in Wales. It was a nice-ish hotel and had paid a grand total of £30 for refreshments. I was the only one under the age of fifty there, an was subjected to an hour and a half of five minute spurts with a wide array of older men. There’s only so many times you can say ‘hello I’m Shan, and I’m an author’ with enthusiasm, verve and listen intently to five minutes of someone giving you 70 years worth of my history. One poor guy had been pulled along with his mate, he’d just lost his wife “I loved my Maggie I did”, so glad I took tissues…I’d be interested in helping you organise a Norfolk one if you’re interested. There’s got to be intelligent life out here somewhere. I’m yet to find any on plenty of fish

  3. singledate1 says:

    Great idea, I am doing themed events next year in the southwest..

  4. Bob, yet another great idea. What about running something similar to a TweetUp, so a number of participants can mingle via social networking before and afterwards? You could set up an area of the OnlyDating site for “Do we want a creche at the next one?” polls, organise events with a (hopefully) ever-increasing number of interested volunteers and still promote them on the OnlyDating site, local noticeboards etc.

    Years ago, we had a lot more options re meeting other singles in a social environment without the high-pressure speed-dating circus casting a shadow over all of us. It would be nice to do something that reclaims the nightlife…

  5. Just another quick thought – would it be fun to have “events within events”? (Blind Date TYPE thing) to provide a bit of entertainment and lift the mood/pressure feeling. I agree with Anna Ellis about the sense of pressure in dating environments. Anything which makes it less like that would be welcome.

  6. Suzymiller says:

    Doing fun and easy activities us a good one. No need to walk into a room full of strangers type events. Also ones that allow the participants to interact a bit online before hand perhaps with humorous Ice Breakers? London based events would be accessible for many but in friendly venues. Hotels often feel a bit seedy. The hardest part will be persuading 40 blokes to go to an event where the there are 40 women. An event where the women will make new female friends and the men will make new male buddies would take the pressure off and be a good way to start, I reckon. Can I have a free ticket please!

  7. Rebecca says:

    What about events at venues where you could bring your kids such a zoo or a theme
    patk? At least then there would be plenty of distractions and you wouldn’t have that awful pressure of walking into some hotel venue knowing that everyone in the room is single and probably feeling as uncomfortable as you! Children are great ice-breakers and if you had an enjoyable day then maybe you would feel more comfortable about signing up for a follow-up event that was child-free!

  8. Catharine says:

    Yep, think events would be a great idea too. If people are put into groups and given a direction it is a lot easier to get chatting than wandering into a room and being expected to ‘mingle’ – think that would terrify me LOL. Like the idea of interacting online too. Recently went to a ‘tweetup’ and knew nobody in reality but because we were all ‘virtual’ friends it was really relaxed 🙂

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