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Memories of Christmas

Readers of this blog will know that I have been having a rant at some of the recent Christmas adverts! Such ranting has made me reflect on what used to make Christmas special for me when I was a child. … Continue reading

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Support for Parents and Their Children

One of the main duties of OnlyDads is providing accessible signposting to other organisations that can provide help and support to dads and their children. On this page we have links for grandparents, families of prisoners, those in the forces, and other … Continue reading

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Littlewoods Christmas Advert

OnlyDads has been receiving emails asking us to campaign about the sexism of the latest Christmas advert from Littlewoods. To be honest, I’d not given this matter much thought before the emails. For those who don’t know what the fuss … Continue reading

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WW1 Football Matches… and Mixed Emotions

Like many of you reading this, I have long been captivated by the Christmas Truce in World War 1; THE “football match” between British and German soldiers is a story we all know. Apart from the football match, the truth is … Continue reading

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Research on Single Dads

At OnlyDads we like to offer support and encouragement to men and women undertaking research in the area of single fathers and their children.   When we took part in the Westminster Debate for Fathers, John Hemming MP, talked about … Continue reading

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Overcoming Shyness With Women

Running OnlyDads has of course brought me into contact with many lone fathers. Most talk of their sense of isolation – which in turn – can very quickly lead to a lack of self-esteem. Here, we have asked Doug Haines of … Continue reading

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Film and Video Making Equipment

I know that Twitter can be very helpful on IT and technical matters, and being a man with no Mrs at home to ask and being a bit of a thicko on technical innovation I am hoping somebody out there can … Continue reading

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