Bob’s Diet (or is it a change in lifestyle?)

I have been one of those lucky people who has never had to worry about my weight. That is until recently.

A walk up the Sugarloaf in Wales the other weekend proved the tipping point!


But the truth is, over the last year or so, I have, bit by bit, been becoming more aware of what is usually described as middle-age spread. Attending a wedding a month ago saw me squeezing into putting on an old suit. That feeling of tight shirt, tight neck, tight trousers, compounded the feeling of being over-weight. That “feeling” of being over-weight is bad enough…but a sideways glance in the bathroom mirror at fully relaxed stance proved the point beyond doubt!

Having dragged myself to the top of the Sugarloaf I knew things would have to change.

Back at sea-level and armed with the comfort of a Brains SA, I had time to reflect on what had to change: At the macro level it was obvious!

  • I drink too much
  • I eat too much
  • I don’t get enough exercise

Later, with a very good bottle of Argentinian (ideal with red meat) Malbec going down a treat, I brought focus to my broad headings:

  • I drink too much beer, wine, and brandy.
  • I eat too many Kit-Kats, Topics, Bounty bars, chips, red meat, assorted crap from the girl’s snack shelf, roast potatoes cooked in goose fat, and bacon sandwiches. And sausages.
  • I don’t get anywhere near enough exercise!

It was the next day that I came up with the target “lose a stone by Easter”

Having set the target, I now have to work out how to meet it! It sounds easy enough doesn’t it?

Well it would be – but i know “me” better than most. “Me” will not join Weight Watchers,  stop drinking alcohol, or be lunching out on cabbage soup and a glass of water!

Rather the words of a College mate years ago (she studied nutrition and is now a hospital dietician) came back to me…”all diets are flawed – what people really need is a change in lifestyle”

One week into my diet (or should I call it something else?) I am hoping that:

  • Drinking half the amount of alcohol
  • Deleting 80% of my snack intake and chocolate, and very consciously trying to eat a few meals a week that are very low in fat, and
  • Two or three really brisk walks, and maybe a swim or two a week…

…will do the trick. Time will tell!

Postscript: As at 3/12/2011 I weigh in at 87.5Kg. I will update (whether good or bad) on a weekly basis. You can join in too if you want 🙂 

For those interested, this chart is quite a useful guide

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Single Dad living near Totnes in Devon. I founded in 2007 and live with my daughters Priya, 14 and Anya 11. I write about single parenting, work, overcoming trials and tribulations and sometimes not overcoming trials and tribulations.
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11 Responses to Bob’s Diet (or is it a change in lifestyle?)

  1. @fleetwoodboy says:

    That sounds pretty drastic cut down so you must lose something even if it’s the will to live lol

  2. eviesgran says:

    Like you say it is a change of lifestyle. I am just on the cusp of ‘over weight’ & ‘obese’. Just another couple of pounds off and I will be ‘overweight’. I lost 9lbs (& blogged about it) a couple of months ago mainly by some days eating veg only meals and cutting out carbs and only drinking after 9.30pm. I have put 2lbs back on but now I’m thinking I could lose another half stone before Christmas. You have got me thinking about it again!
    Good luck by the way!

    • onlydads says:

      It’s not really the time of year to start a diet is it? That said, when is a good time!

      Welldone on losing the weight you have- keep up the good work 🙂


  3. If it feels good, do it! Walking is a fabby way to get air and stuff circulating around your bod.

    They reckon it’s all about getting the balance right, or so I heard a long time ago. And the balance is easy to remember, in a short sentence:
    ‘Calories in = Calories out’.

    So I think you’ve got the right idea, Bob.

    I was fairly slim for most of my married years, then I did the involuntary divorce diet and dropped to under 44kg.
    After the dust settled, I went up to a weight I haven’t seen since I was in my late teens/early 20s (about 55 to 57 kg).
    I’m happy at that weight. But being just in my 50s, I need to keep an eye on body tone :\

    As far as I can see, whether male or female, after about 40 to 45 years old, gravity can take over at any given time from there on in. And worse still, there are some parts of our bods, that are in the most impossible place to tone up. Elbows being one of them.

    I do however, have a way to make self feel better about growing middle-aged gracefully. That is if you don’t look at the unrescuable parts, they don’t seem quite so bad!


  4. P says:

    This made me laugh and I need that at the moment.

    Perhaps you just need to have a giant crush on someone, stick up images of the body you aspire to have and tell yourself how fantastically self controlled you really.

  5. Tweetawix says:

    I was once upon a time 18 stone, and needed something to fill the gap in my life when I didn’t have my kids staying with me.
    So I took up running I am now 14 (and a bit) stone and have run 3 London Marathons, one medal each for my kids.
    It’s a bit of a commitment but it definitely works. Haha.
    Get active is what I’m saying, walking and swimming are great and knowing you have an active day ahead can help you slow down on the drinks too.
    Good luck…

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