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Dads: Can You Help Other Dads?

This is an open invitation to men who have been through the trauma of divorce and/or Children’s Act Proceedings to get involved with the work of OnlyDads. We set up our local dad’s group a few months ago now, and without … Continue reading

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Dad Needs a Second Chance

OnlyDads gets frequent emails and telephone calls from dads who have messed up big time and want to turn the corner. The truth is – it’s an area where we have a big heart but totally limited resources to offer … Continue reading

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Men Asking For Help and Support

5 years of running OnlyDads has brought me into contact with many Dads who are struggling. Usually this involves their relationship with their children. At least this is often the presenting symptom. However, it does not take long to discover … Continue reading

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Life after death – thoughts for a widowed mother left with two young children

When a husband (or partner) and father dies unexpectedly the loss can be profound.  The world as we knew it has ended without warning and everything about our lives is suddenly plunged into chaos. Amongst this, family relationships are thrown … Continue reading

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Tied to Your Mother’s Apron Strings

It does cross my mind that responding to Daily Mail articles is rarely wise; often the inflammatory journalism warrants nothing more than a shrug and a bin. But when this  crossed my time-line this morning I did feel the need to … Continue reading

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Gingerbread: advice and support for single parent families

Running OnlyDads brings us into contact with many individuals and charities supporting single parents. Gingerbread is an organisation that is really working hard at the moment to reach out and support single parents across the UK. I will let them explain … Continue reading

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Home-Start: An Introduction to a Fabulous Charity

One of the many replies and offers of help and support we got to our emergency post the other day came from the very lovely Wendy. Wendy agreed to offer us some more information on the charity she is involved with, … Continue reading

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