UK Event for Fatherhood and Dads

Over the weekend, weekendatdads and helpforfathers caught me at a weak moment and nominated me as Chairman chief bottle washer of a Dads event!

I’m not sure about you – my timeline on twitter will be different to most – but I have noticed a rise in the number of groups and individuals who, in different ways, are setting up to promote and represent the interests of dads and fatherhood. What exactly are we all doing, is a good question.

An event?

In my mind (and please let me know what you think) there is nothing like face-to-face contact, and it would be interesting to hear from others as to where they have come from, what they are doing, and what they hope to achieve in the future.

So I tentatively suggest we find a central location somewhere in the UK, find the use of a free board room for an afternoon, (some corporate will want to sponsor us in some way, surely) and organise a brief agenda which allows us to spell out what each of us is doing.


How about sometime in late February?


Bristol, Oxford, Birmingham, or London spring to mind. Perhaps an MP could find us a committee room in Westminster to use?


Well on Twitter I see groups of dads working within Children’s Centres, groups supporting SAHDs, “weekend dads”, young fathers, dads from black and ethnic minorites…and lots more besides…

I suggest we leave the question of “who” open-ended. Anyone or any group with an interest in promoting fatherhood perhaps?


(and this is just my view) – it’s always good to meet up with people in a networking sense. And perhaps out of this initial meeting ideas may arise about how we might better co-ordinate and support each others work.

What next?

Well perhaps nothing more at this stage then letting me have your reactions. Is it worth doing is probably the first question. What do you think…?

Oh, and given I have about two minutes a day, spare time – if you feel you want to join an organising committee or such, do let us know!

About onlydads

Single Dad living near Totnes in Devon. I founded in 2007 and live with my daughters Priya, 14 and Anya 11. I write about single parenting, work, overcoming trials and tribulations and sometimes not overcoming trials and tribulations.
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16 Responses to UK Event for Fatherhood and Dads

  1. reson8fe says:

    Grand idea! Birmingham or London would be a good bet though London might be costly? If I can help drop me an email/txt but yeah, superb idea! Maybe need to fashion a purpose statement that encapsulates a broad range of issues and I agree, the “who” is open-ended.

    • onlydads says:

      A Purpose Statement sounds spot on. Let’s review this feedabck first. In a few days, we may have a clearer idea as to whether or not it will be worth doing!

  2. paul h says:

    How about seeking sponsorship and try and hire the brewery in london? And if you need any help with this say the word.


    • onlydads says:

      I think we need to gauge numbers – and then chose location? The idea of sponsorship will help oil the wheels, I’m sure

  3. DaddyNatal says:

    Sounds like a great idea, I would say lets keep it out of London for a change. Need to theme the event and then look for sponsorship, sure we (i mean you of course) can make this happen. Some collaboration is what is needed in all aspects.

  4. mark crudgington says:

    Don’t know what i can do but would be happy to try and help with this
    as a single dad of a six year old and a two year old i find the dad groups on here such a help that the more people you can reach the better.

  5. Spencer says:

    Sounds good to me. Count me in in any way.

  6. Steve says:

    I somewhat feel a tad to blame for this growing monster , although all in a good cause. I will get my thinking cap on and come back to you will our thoughts , i think once we know the numbers it would be good to set an agenda.

  7. onlydads says:

    Hi Steve. When it comes to an agenda, my thoughts are to keep it really simple. It might be that we can have as an agenda item at this our first meeting, an opportunity for those present to submit ideas for further discussion at a second meeting…! Does that make sense?

  8. dadzclub says:

    As you know Bob, we at dadzclub have been keen to see a dad event for some time so we are definitely here to help! Collaboration is key! Very happy to help on the organisation front and perhaps a bit of sponsorship (nothing too crazy!) to help get a venue. Perhaps once we have a defined ‘purpose’ we can then go to some of the brands we have connections with for sponsorship – catering costs, decent speakers etc.

  9. great idea – we could accommodate for free and are fairly central but you may attract 2 much interest – keep us in mind
    We are aslo trying to get a Dads Group (& Mums Group) going but it is hard work

  10. Hi Bob,

    I’ve finally got time to write a proper reply 🙂

    Headline – dads’ group meeting is a grand idea, I’d love to attend.

    Here’s a few notes/suggestions:

    – The Men’s Network help & support voluntary support for men, and have done a lot around fatherhood. It’d be worth involving them (apologies if you’ve already done this). Glen Poole is the chap I speak to, I can share his email address if you don’t have it

    – in terms of space, I’m sure that loads of services/organisations would kill to have that many dads in one space: I’d guess that they’d be happy to provide space in return for an hour of the dads’ time talking on a particular topic

    – The Family Strategic Partnership ( has been looking at fatherhood, and has released a report on young fathers yesterday:
    The steering group that worked together on this report will continue with support from Leeds Uni (who are running a 3 year long research project in to young fathers and the support they need) and will meet regularly – it might be worth talking with them?

    Hope that’s interesting/useful!

    Speak soon,


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