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Product of a Single Parent Dad

So, what’s it like being brought up by just your Dad. Here, the wonderful  Alexa offers us her insight…Thank you Alexa – a brilliant guest post 🙂 ******************************************************************************* I recently watched a television programme where the lead characters wore t-shirts which … Continue reading

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Challenges Facing Dads in 2011

On my first day proper on Twitter I followed this man. I did so because he is a dad. Who writes. And had as his Avi a Clash single cover! Apart from one afternoon about a year ago, I haven’t … Continue reading

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Father’s Day: What Challenges do Dads face in 2011

I asked Catherine to write for us because I knew we would get an honest post. But more than that, I knew it would be thought-provoking and probably quite a difficult read for many. This blog is not afraid of embracing such! I … Continue reading

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Dad Challenges in 2011

To celebrate Father’s Day this year we are posting up a series of posts from Dads (and some Mums) all based around the following question “What challenges do dads face in 2011” This our first post, written by @reluctanthousedad will speak … Continue reading

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Parental Alienation

OnlyDads hears the expression “parental alienation” every single day. Here we have a description from Charlotte Friedman which is nothing less than frightening! ****************************************************************************  A few years ago, whilst I was still a Barrister, I represented a mother in a residence … Continue reading

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Every Parent’s Nightmare: International Parental Child Abduction

We are pleased to have family law expert Jane from Devon-based law firm Hartnell Chanot explain to us  in simple English some important aspects of Child Abduction. ************************************************************************* “Child abduction”, may sound dramatic, but due to the increase in family … Continue reading

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Weekend Dad

It was on Boxing Day 2009 that I popped into the OnlyDads Office to pick up the inevitable “Christmas crisis” calls. When I got there the ‘phone was ringing; on the other end was a Dad who (crying) told me … Continue reading

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